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We utilize strategies that navigate through the complexities of medical coding. Diligently tracking payments and reviewing rejections are essential elements of success.

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Company Overview

Essential Billing Strategies, Inc (EBS) was created to meet the needs of physicians looking for a billing service that believes in honesty, integrity and commitment. 

You can rest assured that we will always treat your account like it is our most important one, because it is. 

We pledge to work hard, fighting for your hard earned dollar every step of the way.

These principles are what have earned success for the members of Essential Billing Strategies, Inc team for over 20 years.

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Why Outsource?

Don’t Try This At Home

Why Doctors Should Outsource Their Billing

By David F Jakielo, CHBM

The practice of medicine is comprised of many different specialties. Doctors train for over a decade to obtain the skills necessary to successfully practice medicine in one particular area.

You won’t find general practitioners performing a triple bypass on their patients—which is a good thing, especially for the patients having the bypass. No, the skill and complexity of that type of operation requires a specialist.

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